Sinchon is a station on Line 2 of the Seoul Subway. For more details view the Explore Seoul interactive Subway map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Sinchon
Korean 신촌
Located on Line 2
Code 240

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Aikido Shinchon

Jan 1, 2015

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Beautiful illumination

Beautiful illumination
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  • Beautiful illumination Beautiful illumination
  • Night life Night life
  • Restaurant Restaurant
  • Framed-20230822-MOOL9873-XE4-VILTROX75F12-16x9 Framed-20230822-MOOL9873-XE4-VILTROX75F12-16x9
  • Framed-20230822-MOOL9848-XE4-VILTROX75F12-16x9 Framed-20230822-MOOL9848-XE4-VILTROX75F12-16x9
  • Framed-20230822-MOOL9815-XE4-VILTROX75F12-16x9 Framed-20230822-MOOL9815-XE4-VILTROX75F12-16x9
  • 20230822-MOOL9815-XE4-VILTROX75F12-16x9 20230822-MOOL9815-XE4-VILTROX75F12-16x9
  • 20230822-MOOL9873-XE4-VILTROX75F12-16x9 20230822-MOOL9873-XE4-VILTROX75F12-16x9
  • 20230822-MOOL9848-XE4-VILTROX75F12-16x9 20230822-MOOL9848-XE4-VILTROX75F12-16x9
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