Ori is a station on Bundang Line of the Seoul Subway. For more details view the Explore Seoul interactive Subway map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Ori
Korean 오리
Located on Bundang Line
Code K232

Map of Ori

First train/Last train

Photos near Ori

IMG_8439 (편집됨)

IMG_8439 (편집됨)
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  • IMG_8439 (편집됨) IMG_8439 (편집됨)
  • IMG_8440 (편집됨) IMG_8440 (편집됨)
  • IMG_8442 (편집됨) IMG_8442 (편집됨)
  • IMG_8997 (편집됨) IMG_8997 (편집됨)
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  • IMG_9127 (편집됨) IMG_9127 (편집됨)
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  • IMG_9624 (편집됨) IMG_9624 (편집됨)
  • IMG_9669 (편집됨) IMG_9669 (편집됨)
  • IMG_9672 (편집됨) IMG_9672 (편집됨)
  • IMG_9483 IMG_9483
  • IMG_9484 IMG_9484
  • IMG_9485 IMG_9485
  • IMG_9481 (편집됨) IMG_9481 (편집됨)
  • IMG_9425 (편집됨) IMG_9425 (편집됨)
  • IMG_8438 (편집됨) IMG_8438 (편집됨)
  • IMG_8441 (편집됨) IMG_8441 (편집됨)
  • IMG_9129 IMG_9129
  • IMG_9130 IMG_9130
  • IMG_9625 IMG_9625
  • IMG_9642 IMG_9642
  • IMG_9673 IMG_9673
  • IMG_9639 (편집됨) IMG_9639 (편집됨)
  • IMG_9668 (편집됨) IMG_9668 (편집됨)
  • IMG_9670 (편집됨) IMG_9670 (편집됨)
  • IMG_9671 (편집됨) IMG_9671 (편집됨)
  • IMG_9482 IMG_9482
  • IMG_9486 IMG_9486
  • IMG_9480 (편집됨) IMG_9480 (편집됨)

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