Munsan is a station on Gyeongui-Jungang Line of the Seoul Subway. For more details view the Explore Seoul interactive Subway map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Munsan
Korean 문산
Located on Gyeongui-Jungang Line
Code K335

Map of Munsan

Tips near Munsan

Close to Panmunjom


Nov 20, 2014

Closet subway station to North Korea and DMZ


Nov 21, 2014

First train/Last train

Photos near Munsan

Last stop at Munsan from Paju

Last stop at Munsan from Paju
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  • Last stop at Munsan from Paju Last stop at Munsan from Paju
  • Imjingak (DMZ) tour June 2014 Imjingak (DMZ) tour June 2014
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  • По пути в DMZ #southkorea #korea #dmz #munsan #trip По пути в DMZ #southkorea #korea #dmz #munsan #trip
  • SL-IV-12-Imjingak-002 SL-IV-12-Imjingak-002
  • SL-IV-12-Imjingak-003 SL-IV-12-Imjingak-003
  • SL-IV-12-Imjingak-004 SL-IV-12-Imjingak-004
  • SL-IV-12-Imjingak-005 SL-IV-12-Imjingak-005
  • SL-IV-12-Imjingak-006 SL-IV-12-Imjingak-006
  • SL-IV-12-Imjingak-007 SL-IV-12-Imjingak-007
  • SL-IV-12-Imjingak-008 SL-IV-12-Imjingak-008
  • SL-IV-12-Imjingak-009 SL-IV-12-Imjingak-009
  • SL-IV-12-Imjingak-010 SL-IV-12-Imjingak-010
  • SL-IV-12-Imjingak-011 SL-IV-12-Imjingak-011
  • SL-IV-12-Imjingak-012 SL-IV-12-Imjingak-012
  • SL-IV-12-Imjingak-013 SL-IV-12-Imjingak-013
  • SL-IV-12-Imjingak-014 SL-IV-12-Imjingak-014
  • SL-IV-12-Imjingak-015 SL-IV-12-Imjingak-015
  • SL-IV-12-Imjingak-016 SL-IV-12-Imjingak-016
  • SL-IV-12-Imjingak-017 SL-IV-12-Imjingak-017
  • SL-IV-12-Imjingak-019 SL-IV-12-Imjingak-019
  • South Korean monument near DMZ South Korean monument near DMZ
  • P1120939 P1120939
  • P1120940 P1120940
  • P1120820 P1120820
  • P1120819 P1120819
  • the end the end
  • blue, green, blue blue, green, blue
  • SL-IV-12-Imjingak-001 SL-IV-12-Imjingak-001
  • SL-IV-12-Imjingak-018 SL-IV-12-Imjingak-018

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